About Strobe



Southern New Jersey’s visual artists are continuing a tradition in fine arts going back generations. They work in all media, genres and styles. They’re dedicated, diverse and hardworking. But as unique as each is in style, form, personality and approach – they have one thing in common. For decades, they worked for little recognition and almost no formal support.

Strobe NJ is working to change that.

It’s a program of ArtC, South Jersey’s grassroots arts advocacy and promotion organization. ArtC is known for independence, bold initiatives and practical tools and knowledge that empower southern New Jersey’s artists for real-world results. ArtC is bringing that same spirit of independence and initiative to the Collective.

The Collective is:

  • A juried showcase of work by the best visual artists and other creative professionals in the region.
  • A resource for public exhibition.
  • A force for arts education.
  • A place to express a united voice for arts advocacy, marketing and promotion.
  • And a community, where both artists and art lovers can join in meaningful conversation.

Like its parent organization, passion for the region fuels its mission. Strobe NJ was created specifically by and for professional visual artists and other creative professionals working in South Jersey.

Tyrone L. Hart
Joanie Gagnon San Chirico