Bruce Jo

Bruce Jo

Digital Painter/Gallery Owner



Phone: 267-789-5669


Bruce is a digital painter based in Salem, New Jersey.

While educated as an engineer, Bruce’s passion always paralleled with art. He met his wife, Sue Jo, at a visual arts society in college. When he was pursuing his Ph.D. at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, he saw an opportunity to pursue his own dream in visual arts. He opened a frame shop, Ocean Gallery, at East Village, NYC, and took photography classes at Fashion Institute of Technology.

After a long career in Korea, he returned to the East Coast upon retirement to once again pursue his dream as an artist. Since 2017, he is the co-owner of Salem Art Bank, a frame shop renovated from an old, historic bank in Salem, New Jersey. In 2020, he held a virtual exhibition “Observation and Reflection” at the Gallery 50, New Jersey with his wife, Sue Jo, who is a color pencil artist. He serves as a board member at Gallery 50, New Jersey.

Artist Statement

I believe art embodies the fundamental human ability and expression. Having previous experience in oil painting and photography, my current focus is in digital painting, which is a rapidly evolving field and thus has a lot of potential. I am drawn to subjects that challenge me to experiment in versatile techniques. I aim to add fresh perspectives on familiar subjects by using digital brush strokes and vibrant colors.