David Todd McCarty

David Todd McCarty

Photographer, Cinematographer, Writer

Email: david@hoppingfrogstudios.com

Website: hoppingfrogstudios.com

Phone: 609-602-5228

Artist Statement


I tell stories, usually about people. Even though I am sometimes a character in the tale, I am a supporting cast member, and never the main character. Except that in reality, all the stories are about me, and the subjects are merely supporting actors that tell my story. The artist manipulates space and time and the nature of light to make everyone feel like they are the protagonist of their own epic saga. I use a pen and paper, and sometimes, a camera. I bend light and combine letters until they tell the lie I want to tell. Sometimes I print the lies. Sometimes I reveal nothing. Who’s to know the difference, and how would you tell?

Art Video Samples