Eric Widing

Eric Widing

Mixed Media Artist, Digital Design


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Eric Widing is a born and bred New Jersey visual artist who currently resides in Cedarville. Growing up he was exposed to art through numerous south Jersey galleries in addition to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. During elementary school he was taught the fundamentals of ceramics and pottery at Millville’s renowned Clay Collage. In middle school he participated in his first group show at the Riverfront Renaissance Center with other Cumberland County youths. To this day he participates in group shows and open calls at the Riverfront alongside other talented residents. During his high school years, he became especially fascinated with design. In 2016 he earned a certificate in digital graphics from the Cumberland County Technical Education Center. This lifelong passion for art eventually led him to pursue a career in art education. “I can think of no better career than extending the joy and importance of art to others.” In 2018 he received his associates degree from The Rowan College of South Jersey. As of now he is continuing his studies at Rowan University in Glassboro where he is working towards his bachelors.

Artists Statement

Writer Robertson Davies once said, “let your root feed your crown.” What I interpret from this is the enormous effect that surroundings and upbringing can have on people. Some believe that to be an artist one needs to have incredible experiences to serve as inspiration. For me the opposite has always been true. I find inspiration by performing the sheer act of living. The people I see, the strange abstract patterns and forms of nature, the effects of light. All these things I see in daily life are what inspire me to create. When it comes to the technical aspects of art making its constant experimentation. Each medium has its own unique strengths and bring something different to the table. I do my best to be well versed in a multitude of different mediums such as pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, and oil. This attitude of experimentation extends to my choices in subject matter as well.  Sometimes I will create imagery that has an air of realism and is objective. Other times I will feel compelled to create something more abstract and nonobjective. When it comes to both medium and subject matter it’s like how one craves a certain food. It all depends on whatever is whetting my appetite and what goal I have at the moment. That is what I love about the visual arts. The freedom to create and discover.