Greg Stett

Greg Stett

Pastel Artist



Phone: 703-927-1966

About the Artist

Greg Stett started by doing portraits of his grandchildren as Christmas presents for his children.  Then moved on to serene scenes of his favorite places, Cape May and Mannington.  His picture, “Growing Cygnets,” won Best Work on Paper and The People’s Choice Awards at the Gallery 50 2019 Nature & The Landscape, A Regional Wetlands Competition.

He has participated in the Salem County Art League Senior Competition, the New Jersey Senior Citizen Art Show, Arts in Bloom, Gallery 50 shows and Riverfront Renaissance.  Limited Edition prints of his work are available at the West End Garage in Cape May.

Greg loves working in pastels because they capture the reflections and light of nature, the glow of the sun on sand, sky or water, as well as the translucence of skin and the twinkle in an eye.  He splits his time between Cape May and Mannington, New Jersey.  Both places offer a never-ending supply of inspiring and wonderful things to paint.

Greg is a member of the Salem County Art League, The Artists’ Guild of the Cape, Juried Associate Artist of Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts and Strobe.

Artist Statement

Art represents the fulfillment of a life-long dream.  I find that painting is relaxing, yet energizing.  Seeing something I have created is very satisfying.  When I pictured my retirement, I always saw myself sitting near a body of water and capturing my surroundings on paper.

My painting style focuses on realism, play of light and detail.  I have always admired the works of the old masters and continue to seek the way they were able to portray light and shadow, as well as fine details.  The level of detail creates many challenges, but capturing that realism carries with it a sense of accomplishment.  Notice on the Fishing Boats in Port picture the man working at the base of the rigging on one of the boats.

All of my work, except commissioned portraits, comes from photos that I have taken.  Therefore, I am always looking for the best framing, interesting lighting and fine detail in my subjects.  Pastels allow me to capture both vibrant colors and subtle shading.  They can have a luminescence that shows in the play of light.  I love the look of branches silhouetted against the sky, the shimmering of reflections in water and the pure beauty of nature’s creatures.

When working on portraits, it is not only important to capture the appearance, but also to show the character of the subject. Often this is through the twinkle of an eye or a subtle smirk.