Iris Richardson

Iris Richardson

Painter, Photographer, Art Teacher



Phone: 856-417-3367


Iris H. Richardson Aritst

Iris Richardson’s life journey has been quite abstract on its own. As one of five daughters growing up in the restaurant industry, she had two occupational choices presented to her. She could train as a chef or as a front restaurant professional. She opted for the culinary route and this lead her to where she is today. As a chef not only did she have access to a wonderful medium what you know as food, she also had a range of creativity.

She spent much of the next ten years traveling the globe learning international cuisine in some of the most beautiful locations. In the end, unfortunately, the glass ceiling within the culinary industry gave her migraines and she decided to change direction and never looked back.

Now a professional artist she specializes in photography and painting.  Her love for food, nature, and traveling found its place in her art.  She loves exploring new media and finding ways to incorporate them into her work. She embraces classic art techniques as well as the modern high-tech tools available to her. She loves colors, simplicity, elegance, and harmony in her artwork and never tire of my continuous artistic exploration. She searches for the unexpected and hopes that excites you as much as it does her.  Most days you will find her in her studio photographing and painting or on-location. If she doesn’t get right back to you she might be on location or in the middle of teaching the new generation of artists at Rowan University or privately. She promises to get back to you as soon as possible.

Iris Richardson MFA SACI Florence Italy.

Artist Statement

My artwork takes a critical view of social and cultural behaviors towards objects they see as lesser value, therefore dismiss or ignore. I visually deconstruct the meaning of the objects to the point of being an unrecognizable representation of their original purpose and assign a new value. It’s a form of provoking an observer to question the idea of “Value”, by engaging the public in my artistic process. I push those boundaries by introducing new media and concepts and allowing the work to naturally grow out of this process.