Jack McGovern

Jack McGovern

Painter, Print Maker

Email: jackdmcgovern@comcast.net

Website: https://tinyurl.com/2p9yzf99

Phone: 856- 574-4212

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/jack.mcgovern.378


Jack is a visual artist born and raised in South Jersey and has been creating art for as long as he can remember. Art has seen him through his turbulent teens and provided him with a successful career in the fine arts.

Although he has been practicing his art throughout his life, retirement from teaching, has allowed him to work full time on his art. Painting and print making are his primary forms of artistic expression. Jack has been working on presenting the human figure in motion or in static form to represent the passage of time and emotions. The early death from early-onset Alzheimer’s of his brother Jim has greatly affected him. Jack uses drawings of dance and photographic images in the execution of his work. The focus on dance and the imagery of dancers gives his work a context for the exploration of memory. A dance is a visual experience and one completed, it becomes a visual memory. Capturing a movement from a dance performance, his work focuses a visual window into a memory of the dance.

Artist Statement

My art focuses on the human figure in motion (dance) as a metaphor of memory. My brother’s early death from Alzheimer’s is impetus of memory as a subject in my work. A dance once completed is just a memory so recording a moment of the dance enhances its remembrance.

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