Jeff Feeny

Jeff Feeny

Mixed Media Artist, Fine Art Photographer


Phone: 856-297-6840

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Bio/Artist’s Statement

Early 1980’s – In high school I had a talented, funny and engaging Art Teacher [Mr. Orner] who taught me drawing and photography but most of all creative thinking and problem solving. We made sketch books and drew weekly assignments for grading. He graduated from Kutztown State in PA and convinced me to start my Fine Art creative learning there. Examples of my college works are at the beginning of this exhibit.

Mid 1980’s – I transferred from Kutztown to Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia where I studied commercial art, painting, and illustration. Fashion illustration and paintings from those years are exhibited.

Late 1980’s – I began my Fine Art career in a shared studio in Wilmington DE. These first works combined my two favorite mediums of photography and painting. You will see many mixed media creations here that incorporate all my own photographs along with acrylic paint and multi-dimensional objects such as wood, plastic, rock and metal.

Early 1990’s – I started a “real job” in NYC at Oppenheimer Funds as a Print Buyer and moved to Hoboken. I continued creating mixed media works while working 9-5 and exhibited in Hoboken. Eventually I moved toward film photography and shortly thereafter digital photography with a little Nikon Coolpix.

Late 1990’s – I moved back to the Philadelphia area to design and print trading cards for Fleer/Skybox. I settled down and married my amazing wife and we started a family. Photography grew as my passion, and I was very involved with local camera clubs and exhibiting regularly.

2000’s – My photographic prints were getting larger, and I needed special framing to complete my collage techniques. You will see these large, juxtaposed prints in deep shadow boxes to accommodate all the different levels my ideas required.

Early 2010’s – I found myself transitioning from large digital Nikon DSLR cameras to the latest and greatest Apple smartphone cameras. Soon I was upgrading my Apple iphones purely based on camera specs and its capabilities of producing high quality art prints.

Mid 2010’s – I started the Fone Art Studio business. As an accomplished Smartphone photographer, I wanted to create a studio that had the ability to take anyone’s smartphone photos and print them out on metal, tile, paper, or wood panels. These unique iPhone works of art are exhibited here on various substrates and in a multitude of sizes. I also attended mosaic classes and created a variety of ambitious works including a table, mailbox, serving tray, lazy Susan, and most recently a full-sized Guitar.

Late 2010’s – I focused on digital photography and created artistic photographs printed on archival paper, wood panels, canvas, metal and tile.

Early 2020’s – My true passion for photography continues and I enjoy being a board member of the South Jersey Camera Club. I also am creator and moderator of the Mobile Photography Users Group [MPUG] that meets every month to share and learn about smartphonograhy. Recently I have returned to acrylic mixed-media abstract painting, similar to what I was doing back in the early 1990’s but on a smaller scale. I am excited about this old, but new path, and often display my new works.