Joanie Gagnon San Chirico

Joanie Gagnon San Chirico

Multidisciplinary Artist



Phone: 732-506-6636


My work focuses on environmental issues, regardless of the series or substrate. I portray imagery of the planet’s fragile beauty while questioning our culture, which promotes instant gratification while ignoring evolving consequences. I feel obligated to make work that addresses these issues.

By working this way, I stay true to my convictions, and can possibly raise awareness after viewers realize that these are not just pretty paintings, the beauty is only skin deep; a reminder that it’s urgent to understand what is real and what is fabricated. It is imperative that we preserve our resources or our society faces destruction.

I create acrylic paintings, combining media to attain intricate textures using an accumulation of thin layers of color and delicate line work created with thread. In addition to paintings on canvas, I also offer artwork on industrial textile or Ecoresin panels. I recently completed a healthcare project where I embedded my paintings and layered them with satellite imagery of the area surrounding the installation. The work is interactive; visitors and patients examine the panels and find where they work or live realizing that they are never far from home.

I have worked with clients who have commissioned me to make artwork for libraries, corporate offices, hospital and hotel lobbies, restaurants and private residences. I also exhibit my work and have had 18 solo shows and have been part of many group shows.  I’m a Signature Artist Member of the Noyes Museum of Art in NJ and represented by several galleries. I volunteered for our local arts center for 10 years and believe that cultural input is crucial to our survival.

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