Joyce Hagen

Joyce Hagen

Fiber Artist


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I’ve been interested in creating with fiber since I was 10 years old.  Initially, I made clothing and needlework projects.  In 1977, I started making patchwork and quilted items, and started making wearable art.  I have a natural affinity for the rhythm of grids and so much of my work through the years has originated from the grid structure.  Through the years, it has also been important to me that my work harkens a reference to the traditions of patchwork and quilting – but more recently I’m becoming less attached to that notion.  My interest in creating with individual fibers and with non-traditional materials is guiding my newer work.  I will always respect and appreciate the traditions of patchwork and quilting, but it is becoming less important to me that my work directly communicates those values to the viewers.  Recently, I have developed an appreciation for geometric abstraction after working with grids for such a long time.  I have started to bend some angles and add some organic lines and shapes to some of my work.

After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in psychology, I studied art at Penn State University and studied privately with David van Dommelen, fiber artist and arts educator. I worked as a fiber artist and quilt-maker for many years, exhibiting and selling my work internationally. I also worked professionally in arts administration for 29 years in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, most recently as executive director of the Atlantic City Arts Foundation. I continues to honor the visual design and techniques used to create traditional patchwork quilts, but now incorporates non-traditional materials and techniques and organic compositional elements into her work.

Artists whose works initially inspired me are Escher, Josef and Annie Albers, Stella, Kandinsky, Rothko, and Nevelson.

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