Mark Allen Natale

Mark Allen Natale

Contemporary Realist Painter



Artist Statement

I have a deep appreciation for objects and places that evoke a sense of nostalgia. Antique items, roadside signage and historic architecture are common themes in my work. I feel compelled to document these relics in detailed oil paintings, bringing a renewed attention to their existence. Consider these paintings “formal portraits” intended to elicit a sense of reverence and respect for the subjects and what they represent: a time when all things were created to have beautiful form and lasting function.

The inspiration that guides my approach to painting is the traditional, realist works by the Dutch Masters, and early American illustrators. A key element to my compositions is a strong contrast of light and shadow. To achieve the dramatic realism of my paintings, thin layers of oil paint are applied to a smooth surface of linen canvas or prepared wood panel. Careful time is spent mixing colors to get a perfectly clear hue and raw colors straight from the tube are seldom used. My finished works are striking images with remarkable detail that have a sense of focus and solitude.

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