Penny Beck

Penny Beck

Mixed Media Artist


Phone: 609-780-5464


Penny Beck is originally from the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY. She became interested in art at a young age and was lucky enough to have excellent art teachers through high school. In 1979 Beck moved to York, Pa and attended the York Academy of Art where she majored in Fine Art. After art school Penny lived in Reading , Pa for 3 years and was very active in the local art leagues and alliances. In the mid 80s Beck moved to Cape May, after a few years she and a friend opened a very successful decorative painting and mural business. She has worked up and down the eastern seaboard in private homes and businesses.

Artist Statement

As an introvert I like to create art that expresses my “inner” personality. From a viewing distance my work appears very harmonious and put together, as you get closer it might seem a little bit cluttered and it makes you look closer. I enjoy when someone feels a connection to one of my pieces. My subject matter is nature, usually an animal or landscape but sometimes a human figure appears. I enjoy using mixed media, I am a collector of cool stuff and I like sharing that with a viewer.