Quinton L. Greene

Quinton L. Greene

Painter, Mixed Media Artist

Email: vzeqw2uh@verizon.net

Phone: 856-233-4968

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/greeneql


Quinton L. Greene was born in Kinston NC in October of 1962 and from the ages of 8 to around his late 20’s, his interest was not in canvas art or drawing but more of dance and music. Even though in High School he took art and drawing classes, he focused more on chorus and modern dance. After graduating from High School, he entered the Army from December of 1981 to November of 1984. He was released in November of 1984 with a Medical (Honorable) Discharge. He was diagnosed with Depressive Disorder and PTSD.

For many years he struggled with alcoholism and depression after leaving the Military. After moving to New Jersey from North Carolina, he was able to overcome his demons thru the help of his Higher Power and MICA Group Therapy in 1994. He entered Camden County College in 1997 and got married that same year in July to Priscilla Wims-Greene. Around 1999, he picked up a brush and canvas and fell in love with the arts.

As a self-taught artist, it was challenging at first, but he studied other artists’ forms and techniques, and from that study, he was able to create his own thought and ideas and method of creating art on canvas. Dr Ralph Hunter (Curator) of African American Heritage Museum of Southern NJ gave him his first public showing at the Martin Luther King Center in Newtonville NJ in the early 2000’s and he has been exhibiting ever since and improving on his techniques and abilities. His creativity has led him not only to paint on canvas but to design on canvas with multimedia.

Since his first DAYVIEW, he has gone on to connect with several Community Galleries and been featured in Maine, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and multiple exhibits here in New JerseyJ. Now He is one of the many artists for the African American Heritage Museum of Southern NJ (in Atlantic City and Newtonville NJ). The Brigantine Art walk Group and Foundation of Brigantine NJ. The Annex 24 Art Gallery located in Lancaster PA. The Noyes Stockton Museum of Art and Art Garage in Atlantic City NJ. The Bradley Beach ART Alliance of Bradley Beach NJ. The West End Arts Gallery located in Long Branch NJ. The Jewish Community Center Artists and Crafters Alliance in (Flatbush) Brooklyn NY. And many other affiliations in NJ and abroad.

Artist Statement

For me, creating and designing art on canvas is multi-necessary. And by that I mean, creating and designing help me keep balance in my life. It is truly a mind, body, spirit infusion of enlightenment that holds me on the path of mental freedom from my negative past experiences. Many have let negative past experiences destroy them. But I believe if someone finds the strength to redirect that negative energy, one could open a whole new world of hope and peace.

Art helps me build a life of hope and peace in my inner mind. Finally, my dreams and inspirations are to have a place to call my own, where I and others can work in our community with kids (after school and summer art programming with multiple forms of Art Continuum) and disabled veterans with art therapy (to help them suppress or even overcome their symptoms of PTSD).