Sam Donovan has had paint on his clothes, in his hair and on his hands for the better part of 45 years. His early training came from old men who made their livings hand lettering truck doors and hand painting the billboards that lined the roadways of South Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, in the years before computer generated graphics left many good folks, with hard earned skills no longer needed in the market place.

Sam moved on, instead of huge hand painted portraits, liquor ads and Marlboro Men painted outside, sometime 150 feet in the air he turned his skills to murals, still outside, still huge, still hand painted. The market grew to include interior murals for homes and businesses with subjects as diverse as can be imagined, as were the customers, from a 400 square foot Tastykake painting at Tastykake ‘s new Philadelphia factory to local pizzerias, from 11,000 Square foot Mural at Cumberland Casualty Insurance Headquarters to a 600 square foot mural for Rutgers University and several monster murals on the streets of Philadelphia.

Now he turns his attention to the things he loves, the outdoors, the dairy farms the rural landscapes he grew up with. Still with paint on his hands, his clothes and in his thinning hair, he paints these things to please himself but hopes that you enjoy them too.