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Sean Taylor was born in London and raised in the U.S. and Argentina. He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where he earned multiple awards including the coveted Richard C. Von Hess tuition/travel scholarship. Since finishing school he has produced over twenty solo gallery shows and exhibited with dozens of group shows in New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Denver and Washington, DC, placing his work in multiple private and corporate collections in the US and abroad. His work varies from figurative, narrative/allegorical “vignettes that focus on a subliminal definition of Americana” to more traditional landscape and still life studies. He maintains a studio in the NASW Aviation Museum at the Cape May County Airport and is often on location, painting the vistas of Cape May.


To be in the right place at the right time, hopefully with the right idea.  How can we make sure that happens?   Is it luck?  Or some universal fate that has us in its sight. I believe in the power of pure coincidence, and try to live accordingly.  Take for instance the gigantic coincidence of the chance of my birth into such a fortunate life.  Or the odds that I would walk into a room in Cape May to meet the love of my life (when we were both born in England) and that room would eventually become an art gallery where I would exhibit nine consecutive solo shows.  My work through painting is an attempt to navigate this conundrum of Luck vs. Fate, to decipher whether the dice are loaded, or if the deck might be stacked in our favor.

In light of all this it is no coincidence that my process unfolds organically, with the paintings revealing themselves to me as I paint. My objective intentions can easily be derailed by subconscious intervention.  New ideas take hold halfway through a project and the whole affair turns on a dime. Luckily, (or coincidently) I am often pleased with the result and claim full responsibility for the outcome.  The need for routine and perseverance is imperative, especially in light of my arbitrary whims. One might say the world works in the same way. There are parameters that guard and guide us, but we must constantly challenge these rules. It’s just in our nature.

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