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Stan Sperlak




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Stan Sperlak, PSA is known for his dramatic landscape paintings of the sea, marshes and sky. He studied painting and drawing at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA. and with the venerable Patricia Vanaman Witt in Millville, NJ.  Over the past decade he has maintained a teaching studio and school “The Goshen School of Art” where a marsh, farm and forest meet on the Crow Creek in Goshen, NJ.  It is there on 37 acres, that he has created a nature sanctuary and has begun creating sculptural and environmental art installations. He is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, the Maryland Pastel Society, and served on the board of The Mid Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association.

Stan has built a career in art by holding fast to the teachings and charges of his mentors: To share everything and to stay true to a muse.  A generous teacher himself, Stan refers often to age old adages that at once becomes contemporary when applied to a specific idea or effect in art. His own works reflect his love of the sublime, expansive skies, quiet marshes, wide open beaches and old farm fields portrayed through luscious layers of pastel color.

He has taught for 17 years, conducting workshops in 27 US States and 12 foreign countries, including Iceland, New Zealand, China and Scotland. His critical eye has been called upon to judge international and national exhibitions including IAPS and many US Pastel Societies. He has been a member of the Salmagundi Club in NYC since 2010, A signature member of the Pastel Society of America and The Mid Atlantic Plein Air Painters. He has written in and been featured in many magazines such as the Pastel Journal and the Artists Magazine, the  recent book “Pure Color” where he was featured with 100 US Pastel Artists, along with being the author of “The View From My Easel” Vol 1&2.

Most recently Stan was honored with a Mid-Career Retrospective Solo Show at the Museum of the Southern Alleghenies in Ligonier PA where is great grandfather emigrated in 1893. The show hung from May through August 2019

Recent Artist Statement

Art can be many things to many people, for it is a personal voice, and therefore begins deep within that person. Even though it can be varied, it universally brings forth a truth. It wills that the artist must be honest, and in that admission, be it paint or words or construction, a piece of their soul gets released to the universe in a form that can now be viewed, touched or heard. That’s no easy task.

As a person who walks the landscape, feels the soil and shares the light, I must have been affected enough along the way to realize it was important to share. To desire to record for others that feeling, that honesty and that vision. I add painting to my oeuvre that includes astronomy, horticulture, nature, history and a love of travel. Why? Because I believe it to be a lasting legacy and a permanent form for my soul to hang on. Humbly to lead and with thanks to be seen.

“These works exemplify the idea that it is always just moments that make a day. One follows the next. Sometimes tragic, sometimes sublime, sometimes breathless, sometimes mundane but still they are everywhere, and if we are not looking, or open to nature’s cues….well then it is someone else’s time. It is just as reasonable to consider that this painting is a time that as an artist, I can conjure up and create a moment, something I see in my own self, where upon the forms of the recognizable landscape of this Cape, I will lay my colors, the ones that satisfy me and tell my truths.”