Stephen Schneiderman

Stephen Schneiderman

Fine Art Photographer


Phone: 609-407-1059


Photography enthusiasts know Stephen Schneiderman as one of today’s masters of the multiple image print.  A resident of Brigantine, New Jersey, Schneiderman graduated from Temple University’s Tyler School of Fine Arts in 1961.  He pursued other business interests until 1981 when he devoted himself full time to his life long passion: photography. Since then he has written and lectured extensively on his techniques, and has gained international recognition for his magical darkroom creations.

Schneiderman’s compositions are distinguished by strong creative and structural elements, rigorous attention to detail, and impeccable clarity in print quality.  He has produced his images by using a unique system of masking and projections which he has developed and improved over the years.  More recently, with the advent of electronic imaging Schneiderman has turned his skills to this new and exciting approach. Armed with both of these techniques his results are sometimes eerie, often hauntingly



 I do not approach this art lightly, but with a sense of determination and dedication.

Questions would run through my mind on photographic expeditions.   What am I trying to say?  Is this meaningful?  Is this the right time, the right moment?  I found myself making excuses not to take the picture.  These frustrations led me to search for a different approach to this art.

What motivates the product of my work?  I see life as restrictive, both in time and freedom.  Humans classify all things into different categories.  Separation is the way we see the world.  I take what is perceived as different and put it together.  I see life’s view, as unified yet separate, in a somewhat humorous way.

The challenge, often, is the motivation to look for new visual effects to enhance or make the image more interesting.  I am continually searching for innovations that will expand my arsenal of photographic ammunition.  These tools that I have at my disposal give me the freedom of photographic expression that I require.

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