Sue Jo

Sue Jo

Color Pencil Artist/Gallery Owner



Phone: 267-789-5593


Sue Jo is a self-taught color pencil artist with a focus in botanical art. She is based in Salem, New Jersey.

Since as a child, her introspective nature has allowed her to pay attention to detail. Her art reflects this, as she captures the nuances of natural colors lines into her artwork. Her subjects are often in center and up close, allowing the viewers to recognize details in nature that are often overlooked in their busy daily lives.

Since 2017, she is the co-owner of Salem Art Bank, a frame shop renovated from an old, historic bank in Salem, New Jersey. As a picture framer, she has the privilege of handling works that carry personal meanings to their creators, and she strives to bring the same intimacy to her color pencil work.

In 2020, she held a virtual exhibition “Observation and Reflection” at the Gallery 50, New Jersey with her husband, Bruce Jo, who is a digital painter. She serves as a board member at Gallery 50, New Jersey.