NJ based Puerto Rican artist Tania Pomales specializes in dark and surreal works created primarily in oils.  As a nod to her colorful and bold heritage, Pomales incorporates bright color palettes into her art in juxtaposition with darker motifs, such as skulls and human anatomical references, to explore themes of life and death and the cyclical aspect of the human experience.  The importance of mental health and deep self reflection are also fundamental themes in her body of work.  Showing professionally in galleries since 2016, Pomales has been part of group exhibitions in Copro, The Dark Art Emporium, KEEP Contemporary, Cactus Gallery, and other prominent venues.


The world can often feel like a very dark, confusing, and overwhelming place.  Too often we go through the motions of the everyday hustle and bustle without taking time to self reflect and look through that darkness to see that there is beauty, truth, and profound healing if only we take that leap of faith.  My work is about taking that leap every day, learning to see the beauty in the chaos, and helping others see it, too.


Religious, spiritual, agnostic, atheist, or anything in between; no matter what we believe in, incantations are part of our everyday lives.  These little phrases, thoughts and hopes that we utter into the universe in an effort to bring a positive outcome, a change in the right direction or a new mentality are the subject for my show, Incantations, at KEEP Contemporary.  Through this past year of isolation due to the pandemic, I found myself establishing the practice of a morning meditation ritual and also tapping into the spiritual aspects rooted in the Yoruba traditions of my Puerto Rican heritage.  Through this new journey of self discovery, I built the habit of repeating affirmations and hopes through meditation, such as “I am clarity” or “I am abundant” as a way to shift my thoughts from negative patterns to positive ones that allowed me to delve more into my potential as an artist in this world.  It made me reflect on the reality that we all do this every day because we all hold on to hope no matter what we believe in, and incantations are a verbal manifestation of that hope and desire to make our lives what we want them to be.  It also further cemented my belief that words hold immense power.  Bruce Lee wisely said, “Don’t speak negatively about yourself, even as a joke. Your body doesn’t know the difference. Words are energy and cast spells…”

I chose references of celestial formations for the backdrops of the 8 main pieces of the show to represent the universe that we send these incantations to in hopes of a message or a sign in return. The imagery and symbolism rendered above these celestial bodies are meant to portray the visual representations of these incantations.


My goal is that as you walk through this universal journey, you find the courage within yourself to affirm your greatness and manifest what you want in your life.