Tim S. Smith

Tim S. Smith

Contemporary Artist

Email: TSSdraw@Gmail.com

Website: www.theartworkoftimsmith.com

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/timsmithart/?hl=en

Tim Smith is a self-taught contemporary artist from Southern New Jersey. Tim grew up with a love of art but never pursued it until more recently. He has worked to develop his style over the past few years, which continues to evolve with each piece he creates. Since his start as a realist painter, his style has morphed into what is known as “New Pop Realism” or “Spontaneous Realism”. His subject matter focuses primarily on the celebrities, musicians, and movie characters who have impacted his life. His goal is to capture the emotion and current state of the subject using vibrant colors–both warm and cool—in order to better captivate the viewer.

Tim has several artistic influences, including local South Jersey artist Mike Bell, street artist David Walker, and Austrian artist Voka. His style has been said to resemble the works of Leroy Neiman. His pieces have been featured in several Manhattan shows at the James Richards Gallery in the Upper West Side, and he debuted at Art Basel in Miami, Florida this past December. Tim’s original artwork can be found today in Avra Art Gallery, located in Margate, New Jersey.

Tim continues to grow in his role as an artist by studying various aspects of the art world, as it is always evolving. Tim resides in Northfield, New Jersey, with his wife and two children.