Victoria Papale

Victoria Papale




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Artist Statement

Portrait derives from the Latin word, ”Protrahere”, which means to draw forth, reveal, bring to light!  From childhood I have been fascinated with the human face, I started painting in my teens.  What does the face tell you?  Is it a story of the artist’s life, a reflection of your own, or is it taking you to another time and place?

Women are the subjects of most of my paintings and Greek Myth is always a source of inspiration. I have attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  But my direction and palette were deeply influenced, when I studied at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in Paros Greece.  At the Aegean Center we were taught the ancient technique of the 4 Earth Tones, and I emersed myself in that classic style of painting.

I have exhibited both in the States and Abroad.  And I have also taught Portraiture in the 4 Earth Tones at Colleges and Art Centers.

Some are curious about my choice of subject matter and inspiration, since many are characters from Ancient Myth.  I like to quote the 14th Century humanist, Colucci Satutati…”I must imitate antiquity not simply to reproduce it, but in order to produce something new”.