Beacon Art Shortwave Gallery

Beacon Art Shortwave Gallery

Gallery - Stone Harbor, NJ



Phone: cell: 845-206-8764

Beacon Art Shortwave Gallery  9410 Second Ave  Stone Harbor NJ 08247

In its twelfth year, the 2020 collection at Beacon Art continues to increase its already outstanding contemporary collection as we welcome new artists each season. The collection includes the works of contemporary artists from New York, the Philadelphia area, New Jersey, Connecticut and abroad.  Beacon Art is excited to welcome  to the gallery this season the paintings by artists Sarah Hann, Tereasa Haag, and Insun Kim. Following Mark MacKinnon and Ted Walsh as our featured Artists in May, Insun Kim and Sarah Hann will be featured in June, Jay McClellan, Seek One and Richard Bruce will be featured for the month of July, and Beth Carson and local artist Deanna Ebner will be featured in August.

Beacon Art is also proud to announce that it has increased its breadth with the continuation of Avalon Bronze Studio. Summer visitors have the opportunity to encounter a work in progress being created by gallery sculptor/owner Gary Jacketti. Stop by throughout the summer to watch a real artist at work and learn about the sculpture process.