Chora Leone Gallery

Chora Leone Gallery

Gallery - Somers Point, NJ



Phone: 609-927-9909

“Go big or go home” are the words that come to mind for artist Judy Leone when reflecting on the rather large scale of the intricate, multi-colored mosaics that she creates and designs with her partner in life as well as in business, her husband Jose Chora.

“It’s more dramatic,” she says proudly of the substantial size of their pieces.

Leone and Chora have had Chora Leone Gallery in Somers Point on the sharply angled corner of Bethel Road and Groveland Avenue for about eleven years. The gallery is one of the more contemporary galleries that you’ll find down the shore — a tiny two-story building with little rooms jutting here and there, all filled with sizable mosaics, paintings, sculpture, ceramics and more.

“We try to keep it a more contemporary gallery — with a bit of an edge,” Leone says. “We don’t usually take traditional-style art like your typical beach scenes. (It’s filled with) things that we find appealing and unique.

“(But) the people who shop here dictate what we gather, because they tell us what they like. They tell us what they’re drawn to.”

– Pamela Dollak, Atlantic City Press 2015