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Strobe is a program of ArtC, South Jersey’s grassroots arts advocacy and promotion organization. ArtC is known for independence, bold initiatives and practical tools and knowledge that empower southern New Jersey’s artists for real-world results. ArtC is bringing that same spirit of independence and initiative to the Collective.

Strobe is:

A juried showcase of work by the best visual artists and other creative professionals in the region.

A resource for public exhibition.

A force for arts education.

A place to express a united voice for arts advocacy, marketing and promotion.

And a community, where both artists and art lovers can join in meaningful conversation.

Like its parent organization, passion for the region fuels its mission. Strobe NJ was created specifically by and for professional visual artists and other creative professionals working in South Jersey.


Strobe NJ is an organization comprised of working South Jersey visual artists – including, but not limited to – painters, sculptors, fine art photographers & filmmakers. To be considered  for membership, please submit three samples of your work and a link to your website by using the Contact Now button to the left. If you don’t have a website, you may submit a short bio and CV instead.  Allow two weeks for a response.


Go ahead, Stroke our Ego
Frank Kallop
Bill (Horin) through ArtC has managed to bring together some of the best artists in South Jersey. I see no other organization with the professionalism and ability to connect artist to artist and artist to arts organizations than ArtC. I think ArtC will end up being the strongest force for promoting the arts in New Jersey, far outstripping any other organization.

Frank Kallop

Painter, Adjunct Art Professor
Mary Cantone
Words I use consistently to describe Bill Horin and the ArtC team, and their commitment to the South Jersey art scene, include … knowledgeable, talented, tireless, dogged, determined, patient, connected and inspiring. They are the quintessential team players and cheerleaders for those needing well-deserved attention and praise. Kudos and huge gratitude to Bill and the ArtC team!

Mary Cantone

Gallery Owner
Victor Grasso
The value of art is unprecedented and there are so few who have the brass to claim its worth. Well, ArtC understands what art is worth. Be it painting, sculpture, music, dance, theater, etc. they go out of their way to deliver a top-notch product for the public that both defines and emphasizes the importance of artistic value. As an artist, collaborating with the immeasurable talent of Frank Weiss was incredibly fulfilling, and I hold Bill (Horin) in high regard for creating an organization whose mission is to promote the arts in South Jersey.

Victor Grasso

Painter, Curator
Katherine Stanek

There’s a business to everything and art is no exception. It takes a great deal of time to market and promote yourself. The ArtC team is allowing artists like myself to spend more time in the studio and less time doing that because that’s what they do (market and promote). They’re good at it and the quality of what they do is remarkable.


Katherine Stanek

Sculptor, Gallery owner

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